Thursday, 9 September 2010

Should but won't

Today I was looking through the UEA student hand book (Lucy's) and there is a website called you can buy and sell you books really easily. So I thought brilliant, I've got a tonne of American Studies books that I have never read and will never read. I should but I won't. Hopefully I can make some extra cash.

I started by adding the A People and A Nation (the bane of American Studies '08 Student's lives): Not buying at this time.
OK something else shit that I can't even remember which class I bought it for: Major problems in the History of the American West: £6.95 hmn. kinda ok. more than a fiver, oh wait here is the original price sticker - £16.95. Damn what a waste of money. oh no wait, a people and a nation, has a sticker too - £31.95 shit.
What about... American Politics and Society: Not buying at this time. John Brown's Body: Not buying at this time. Major Problems in American Constitutional History: Not buying at this time. They don't want my crappy books, what about my interesting ones... Critical White Studies (Used this for sooo many essays here and in America, so useful): £2.50, Lucy's (Not sure I should be selling her books) Hop On Pop: £1.68 Generations of Captivity (Made me sound clever when I had read it and talked about it in class) £0.11. ELEVEN PENCE!?! What's the point?! Sigh.

I basically learned that I could sell all my interesting uni books and make about £10 and it would leave me with all the boring ones I never read. Maybe it's the universe telling me that I should have read them? I won't. Shorn't

I'll have to make other uses for A People and A Nation:
- Lucy used it as part of her Halloween costume last year - she held it when she was being the Statue of Liberty.
- Spider killer
- A weapon to beat off intruders.
- As a door stop.
- It's a good one for pressing flowers.
- We have two copies (one is Lucy's) I could stick them to the bottom of my shoes and I would be two inches taller.

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