Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mmmm... Sushi

Why do all lesbians love sushi?
I think it's delicious and so do all the lesbians that I know, find me a lesbian who doesn't like sushi and I will not believe you.

I think it's because the salmon is so soft in your mouth. (that was not meant to sound rude)

I just ate all you can eat sushi in the best sushi place in town. You have to eat everything you order or they charge you for what you don't eat. My goodness we ordered a lot of sushi. I feel like I have eaten a lifetimes worth of sushi in one night.  I'm worried that I will never be able to eat it again. I will do it again. Perhaps not soon.
I just typed "lesbian sushi" into Google. (I have no shame I will type anything into Google) and I found two things. One is this:
Phyllis: Dean Porter, you're demoting her.
Alice: I'm taking Phyllis to Murakami.
Bette: Lesbian Sushi.
Phyllis: Really? Lesbians have their own special kind of sushi?

And two is that if you type the word lesbian into Google, it doesn't auto-complete. Is it that Google thinks lesbian is a word that shouldn't be searched?! Hmn lets see what else you can type into Google... you can type, queer, dyke, gay and they all auto-complete with things like gay pride, gaydar, gay test, queer theory, queer as folk, etc but if I type lesbian, nothing. The only other thing that I can think of to type in that doesn't auto-complete is the word porn. 

Google thinks you shouldn't search for lesbians or porn, God forbid you type in lesbian porn!!

I just think that kinda sucks. You know what does not suck though? Sushi.

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