Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dunder Mifflin: The People Person's Paper People

Andy Bernard: Okay so help us out.
Michael Scott
: I wish I could but I can't, well can but won't. Should - maybe but shorn't.
Kevin Malone
: Michael please.
Michael Scott
: What part of shorn't don't you understand, Kevin? 

The American Office is more than ten times better than The British Office. 

OK, Season One is extremely similar to British Office but pass that and Season Two is where it really becomes its own show. 

Before I had watched the American version, I would have called myself a "fan" of the British Office. However, it's creepy and makes me cringe so bad whenever Ricky Gervais is on screen. I loved to hate it. 

The Office: An American Workplace takes all the awesome parts of the British show and leaves out the creepy parts. Michael Scott is as stupid and ridiculous as David Brent but in his heart you know he is a sweet guy who just wants to find a woman to love. Whereas, you know you would not like to meet David Brent when he is looking for a date. You could easily turn Michael down but David would be a smarmy creep to try to take you home. Michael is a goofy fool most of the time whereas you know David Brent is a horrible man who thinks he is God's gift. I do not like David Brent.

When you watch Michael Scott on screen, you think "oh God Michael, don't say/do that, you are going to ruin it for yourself" where as with David Brent you think "oh God David, stop, seriously, that poor person you are talking to!". The only time I have felt absolutely terrible for what Michael is about to do is in "Scott's Tots".  That episode is in Season Six. It took six seasons of the show to freak me out whereas Ricky Gervais does it in nearly every episode of the two seasons of the British version.

There are obviously some good things about the British version. Tim and Dawn are a cute couple and their love story is beautifully British. Garreth is awkward, strange and creepy. He is a character like no other... Or so you would have thought. Dwight starts out just like Garreth, he is a suck-up, he thinks his boss is his one true leader and he has no problem knocking others out of his way for personal gain. He is, as is Garreth, an actual idiot. However, unlike Garreth he has a likable side, he is, underneath his ridiculousness, a sweet man. I guess you may only see that though after watching six seasons religiously.
Tim and Dawn are the British Version of Jim and Pam. The premise is the same. Tim and Jim are geeky but cute guys only in their job because of the receptionist they are secretly in love with. Dawn and Pam are said receptionists. Tim and Dawn are just about the only bearable thing in the British Office. I am more in love with Jim and Pam though. I am in love with their love. It's so believable and cute and adorable and I love love love them. LOVE. 

There are sooo many things that I love about The Office: An American Workplace. Too many to mention in just one post. (Oh wait, I started a blog, I can write about whatever I want, whenever I want). There are so many reasons why it is so great, one of which is the tiny details that you miss on your first watch. For example: 
- Erin's real name is Kelly. There is already a Kelly in the office so she takes on her middle name.
- Creed and Meredith's computer screens are often in shot, showing that they are playing solitaire.
- Angela keeps one of her cats in the bottom draw of a filing cabinet.
- Jan LOVES Hunters band.
- When Jim puts Dwight's desk in the men's room, Kevin comes out of a stall with a candle.
- In the Halloween episode of Season Six, Creed is dressed as a vampire, Ryan is dressed as Edward Cullen. Daryl calls them the old guy and the goth kid.
- Toby gets Creed to eat a potato like and apple and not notice that it's not an apple.
- When Meredith flashes Michael, he still takes a picture.
- On the tour of Michael and Jan's house, they didn't put away the video camera in the bedroom.
- Michael doesn't sleep in a bed with Jan, he sleeps on a bench at the end of the bed, like a dog.
- The excessive use of "Babe" by Jan and Michael for each other.
- Meredith gets bitten by a bat because Dwight traps her head in a trash bag with the bat inside.

These tiny details make me crack up, every time.

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