Monday, 6 September 2010

I came out to two people at work today

I'm not out at work.

I work in a school so it's not really appropriate to be like hey everyone. I'm gay. Deal.
Especially when everyone and their mother is like "hey *generic school boy name* is gay" and "I'm not doing that, it's gay" all the live long day. Bastards.

I've been in my job nearly a year and my girlfriend has always been my housemate.

I've been in four jobs since I came out and I have been out in two of them. The first I was not out, it was not necessary, there was nearly no-one worth talking to. Since then in the next two jobs, I came out to my team after I got to know them and then the next job I came out on my first day. So easy when you work with cool people.
The people I work with now are different. For the last year I've been working with an old woman who thinks all gay people are male hairdressers. The rest of the people I work with are in another office and I'm not close with any of them and they have a "hot man" calender on the wall. So this coupled with the "that's so gay". I didn't think this was the right environment to declare that I love women. One woman to be precise.

However, this all changed today. The old woman has left and I have a new colleague. So she was like how was your holiday, who did you go with? And I responded with my girlfriend and her family it was awesome, and the next question was just where in America did you go? How Awesome.

So armed with one person knowing that I have a girlfriend I decided to just tell the next person who asked me about my holiday that I went with my girlfriend. There was a little Ooh in her voice but she continued on with the conversation as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Hurray for open minded people! Nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

So here is my plan. If someone asks me about anything where I can say that I did it with my girlfriend, (That's what she said) went there with my girlfriend, (That's what she said again?) have a girlfriend then I'm just gonna go for it. That is including my boss but not any students. Let's see how it goes. :)