Thursday, 18 August 2011


So ive just found out i can blog from my phone. Pretty cool eh? Maybe i will actually use this blog again? Maybe.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Blog Fail.

1. The last time I wrote on this blog was in November
2. I have done so much/so little since November.
3. My movie list is now so out of date, I will never remember what I have watched.
4. Is there any point updating this? I feel like I have to write in list format or I will never write on here again. Therefore:

- Only two weeks of work - yey Christmas Holidays
- Packed up the whole house
- Cleaned the whole house
- Moved house (YEY)
- Got car insurance
- Drove to Cornwall
- Christmas at home
- Drove home to a new house in January

- Settled into our new house
- Love, love, love the new house
- Got Lovefilm
- Made several resolutions
- Broke several resolutions
- Went back to work

- Work, work, work
- New job interview
- Failed job interview
- 2 Year Anniversary! <3
- Valentines day is tomorrow
- Stacey and Lisa are coming on Saturday!
- Ben is moving in the week after!!
- So much to do, so little time

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Kids Are All Right

I'm just gonna say it: I liked this movie.

Of course I liked it, I have to like it, its about lesbians and it was out at the mainstream cinema.

However, I know there are two main issues with it. (Spoiler Alert) 
1. This is what the director said  "They say, 'Why did she have to stray with a man?' And that just feels very narrow to me. Sexuality is fluid. Not everyone lives on the lesbian reservation." I get that, anyone can fall for anyone, its not the gender its the person blah blah blah. But, I'd hope that more people than just liberal lesbians are seeing this movie, and, I would also hope that some people would see this movie and be enlightened to the fact that lesbians exist and they are actually "normal" people. 

I really liked that this is a lesbian movie that could have been any couple going through the same issue. It is incidental that they are lesbians, rather than it being all about their lesbian issues, it is about their family issues with a few lesbian issues added in. It could quite easily have been a straight couple that used a sperm donor with the same plot line.

HOWEVER. It really pisses me off when it is suggested that what lesbians really just need is a penis and really if given the chance they would take it. I would hate to think that people come out of the movie and think "well of course she slept with him".

2. The sex scene with Julianne Moore and Annette Bening. WHAT?! I refuse to believe that ACTUAL lesbians have sex like that, in front of male gay porn! I get the point they are trying to make: That straight porn is all a bunch of pounding and slapping, "lesbian" porn is just two straight girls who are clearly not into it and only made to fulfill male fantasies but male gay porn is more real because you probably have to be gay to do it and you can tell they are into it because of the obvious signs. 

I know that some lesbians, if they watch porn at all then they would rather watch male gay porn because of above reasons but I really don't think that it was an accurate portrayal of lesbian sex and again I would hate to think that people come away thinking "oh so that's how they do it". They could have easily just had the sex scene without watching the porn.

Other than those two points though, I was glad to see a movie about a lesbian couple at the Cinema, not on a special "gay themed night". I know loads of people have criticised it for so many other reasons but you cant get everything into a film in an hour and a half. Also, if it did represent all average same-sex couples then there probably wouldn't be a film to make as most people lead average lives without film worthy incidents. I just wish they could have made it without so many stereotypes. 

Also Julianne Moore makes a hot lesbian. She looks very cool.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Weird Creepy Aliens

Being ill sucks.
And leads you to look up strange things on the internet.

I looked up a chest xray and wondered what is going on in my lungs. 

Why can't you see your lungs on an xray? But you can see your boobs?

I was also looking up ears because apparently my eardrum looks dull and a bit red, what the hell does that mean? 

I'll tell you now. Do not search ear infection images. GROSS.

Then I was looking up ears in general and found this picture of all the ear piercings you can get.

If I saw a girl with all those pierced she would totally be a homo. But if she had just one or a couple, how can you tell?

I have a collection of ear piercings which I got before I knew I was gay, but looking back, I wanted them because all the cool girls have piercings. And everyone knows, all the cool girls are lesbians

  • Industrial = lesbian
  • Conch = lesbian
  • Snug = lesbian
  • Rook = lesbian
  • Helix = lesbian
  • Tragus = at least bisexual
  • Single Lobe = boring
  • Double Lobe = questionable
  • Triple Lobe = lesbian
  • No piercings = mysterious and I like it. 
OK I think I should go have a nap now.