Friday, 5 November 2010

Weird Creepy Aliens

Being ill sucks.
And leads you to look up strange things on the internet.

I looked up a chest xray and wondered what is going on in my lungs. 

Why can't you see your lungs on an xray? But you can see your boobs?

I was also looking up ears because apparently my eardrum looks dull and a bit red, what the hell does that mean? 

I'll tell you now. Do not search ear infection images. GROSS.

Then I was looking up ears in general and found this picture of all the ear piercings you can get.

If I saw a girl with all those pierced she would totally be a homo. But if she had just one or a couple, how can you tell?

I have a collection of ear piercings which I got before I knew I was gay, but looking back, I wanted them because all the cool girls have piercings. And everyone knows, all the cool girls are lesbians

  • Industrial = lesbian
  • Conch = lesbian
  • Snug = lesbian
  • Rook = lesbian
  • Helix = lesbian
  • Tragus = at least bisexual
  • Single Lobe = boring
  • Double Lobe = questionable
  • Triple Lobe = lesbian
  • No piercings = mysterious and I like it. 
OK I think I should go have a nap now.

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